Dealer Services

3 Year Plan:

*all terms, hardware and connectivity pricing is subject to change without prior notice. Some messaging features available late 2018.

First year connectivity is included at no additional charge with the purchase of the Rplate Pro, $99 each year thereafter.Includes downloading of images, digital registration tags and custom messaging. Approved images can be downloaded to be visible when the vehicle is parked after five minutes. Includes user-controlled GPS vehicle tracking and geo-fencing options. Other exciting options are in development.

Annual Plan:

Stay Connected

Manage vehicles, customize plates and create targeted campaign messages via an easy-to-use dashboard.

Accessed via a web dashboard or the Reviver Auto App, Rconnect supports all Rplate Pro features including vehicle registrations renewals, campaigns, plate customization, telematics and more.

 Limited-time offer. Includes all features of Annual Plan for 3-years from initial Rplate Pro activation date. Must be purchased within 30 days of Rplate Pro activation.Type your paragraph here.

The Rplate Pro is one of the biggest upgrades in the history of the 125-year-old stamped metal vehicle license plate. Your plate is now a multi-purpose digital display and connected vehicle platform, providing multiple functions to businesses, government agencies and consumers.