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The Rplate Pro looks amazing, but here are some more great reasons why to buy a Digital License Plate a.k.a. The Rplate Pro.

1. Vehicle theft-deterrent. Thieves often remove or swap plates when they steal a car. The Rplate Pro is very difficult to remove and would take extensive time and draw attention even if it were removed. The Rplate Pro. also sends a text notice to the owner immediately if it’s detached.

2. Ability to add a custom message that is changeable on the bottom of the Rplate Pro where it says (i.e. Have a nice day!) DMV pre-approved messages only.

3. Custom logos or images can be displayed when vehicle is parked.*

4. Registration stickers cannot be stolen or defaced (20% of plates or stickers are damaged or stolen.)

5. No DMV visits for registration.

6. Eliminate DMV late fees. Many people get their renewal notice months early and forget to pay until too late. Online credit card on file will automatically renew registration.

7. Commercial fleets can monitor all vehicle location and registration activity, solving a significant logistics problem for large fleets.

8. Plate displays ‘Stolen’ message if the vehicle, or the plate, is stolen.*

9. Rplate Pro can be tracked even if stolen and removed.

10. Get your approved personalized plate almost immediately downloaded to your Rplate Pro.

11. Smart parking meters will recognize the Rplate Pro and charge your credit card (RFID).*

12. Parking permits can be displayed electronically, and geo fenced to show only when in appropriate areas.*

13. GPS vehicle tracking (Real-time and historical) and Geo-fencing (User-controlled).

14. Toll-road and fast lane charges paid electronically.*

15. Higher visibility in adverse-weather due to backlit feature.