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Blind Spot Assist

The BSM-200 is a Microwave radar system that continuously monitors the blind zone behind vehicle's driver and passenger side B-pillar. Intelligent real time detection of moving objects such as automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians, allows everyone on the road to have a safer experience.

The BSM-200 uses multichannel technology to accurately measure the distance, speed, and angle of the moving objects.  Thus allows for OEM like monitoring with less false alarms. 

The BSM-200 automatically actives when the speed reaches 18.5 mph and deactivates when the speed is under 18.5 mph.e your paragraph here.

The BSM-200's alert system consist of audible (beeps) and visual (LED lights) warning's.  It will warn the driver if the object in the detection zone is traveling at 6 mph or above, regardless of whether or not it is approaching you, keeping pace with you, or if you are passing it.Type your paragraph here.