Dealer Services

What is the retail price and related charges for the Rplate Pro?

The retail price is $799, including one year of connectivity. Installation prices is $200. Higher installation charges will be applicable where necessary with limited production, alternative fuel, electrified, exotics, commercial, custom, older or vintage vehicles, etc. Installation times will vary, but typical installation times are 30 minutes to 3 hours.

Are there Rplate Pro subscription or connectivity fees?

Yes. The first year of connectivity is included at no additional charge with the purchase of Rplate Pro. After the initial year, the annual connectivity fee is $99*. A Connectivity Plan is required for Rplate Pro operation and to enjoy the unique Rplate Pro features. New Rplate Pro owners will receive an email from Reviver Auto acknowledging their purchase. Included in the Reviver Auto email will be a link to an optional three-year pre-paid connectivity plan offer, along with payment options. If you do not choose the 3-year offer, a standard $99 annual connectivity plan will be required to enjoy your Rplate Pro after the first year of connectivity expires.