Functional License Plate

The Rplate Pro is a fully functional license plate and is compliant with state standards*. At 6″X12″, the Rplate Pro replaces the traditional license plate on most vehicles. Bringing the traditional license plate into the 21st Century.

* The Rplate Pro is currently available in CA and in pilot in AZ

Safe and Secure

The Rplate Pro provides custom tamper-resistant mounting and built-in anti-theft features. This helps ease concerns about your plate getting stolen.

On Road Visibility

With a crisp, bright, reflective screen, the Rplate Pro is easily discernible in all weather conditions. Not only turn heads, but add an extra layer of security.

Built To Last

The Rplate Pro is industrial-strength and able to withstand extreme changes in weather conditions. No longer worry about  your plate degrading or looking aged.Type your paragraph here.

Rplate Features

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